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Workout Plan Vol.1 - Build & Grow

Workout Plan Vol.1 - Build & Grow

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A Complete 4-Week Full Body Regimen With a Upper Body Focus

Including Functional Weight Lifting and Conditioning Workouts With the Purpose of Gaining Muscle Mass 

The Build & Grow Workout Regimen Include

  • Fitness Goal Journal - To help you keep track of your progress and hold yourself accountable to your goals.

  • Body Measurement Tracker - To help you keep easy track on your weekly body measurements

  • A Complete 4-Week Full Body Regimen - A workout plan curated from cutting edge physical training, philosophies, and methods used by the very elite athletes at both the pro level and the collegiate level

  • Functional Weight Lifting - Exercises that are designed to mimic the specific physiological demands of real-life activities and that focuses on developing strength in patterns that are used on a every day basis

  • HIIT & Cardio - High-Intensity Interval Training optimized for maximum burn of calories in minimum amount of time while maintaining muscle gain

  • Workout Log - To help you document each workout and your strength progression

  • Advised Set & Rep Range For Optimal Muscle Mass Growth - To help you train with the correct volume for your specific goal of "Build & Grow


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