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High Protein Nutritional Guide For Building Muscle

High Protein Nutritional Guide For Building Muscle

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3 Week Meal Prep Gaining Guide With No Dietary Restrictions With the Purpose of Gaining Muscle Mass and Growing. 

Perfect for Strivers who want to recompose their body & build lean muscle.


This Meal Prep Gaining Guide For Weight Loss Include

  • Grocery List - A list of all the groceries you will need to get to be set and ready to meal prep for 5 days out the week. The grocery list is divided by weeks to make it as convenient as possible for you guys
  • Preparation Instructions - Clear instructions on how to prepare and cook each meal, with the correct measurements to make it last for the 5 days out the week that we prep for
  • Fitness Goal Journal - To help you keep track of your progress and hold yourself accountable to your goals.
  • Body Measurement Tracker - To help you keep easy track on your weekly body measurements
  • 3-Week Meal Prep Gaining Guide - Curated for optimal weight gain results, high in protein and high in carbs to help fuel a great workout as well as provide you with all the building stones to help you recover and GROW. 
  • 12 Healthy Recipes - 4 easy to follow recipes for each week, focused on great taste and great efficiency for the goal of putting on lean muscle and growing
  • Daily Macronutrient Intake As Well As Macro Splits For Each Meal - Detailed macro splits for each and every meal and full day, making it easy for you to modify accordingly to create the calorie deficit you aim for should you so please


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