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16 Week Spartan Bundle

16 Week Spartan Bundle

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Our 16-Week Spartan Challenge is made for our fitness junkies and Strivers who have the heart of a Spartan and who wants to put themselves to the test and run through ALL OF OUR WORKOUT PROGRAMS successively, Vol.1 through Vol.4. This bundle are for the spartan souls out there who can't say no to a challenge and wonders to what extent they really can take their physique. Completing this 16-Week Spartan Challenge, WILL SHOW YOU THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION!

This bundle includes ALL of our workout programs Vol.1 "Build & Grow", Vol.2 "Slim Down & Tone Up", Vol.3 "Peak Athleticism", Vol.4 "The Uche Mba Booty Sculpting Program"

This is a great option for our Strivers who wants to go through a COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION and be fully covered with workout programs and exercises for every turn that this fitness journey can take.

This bundle is also great to combine with any of our Nutritional Guides

Go to @Fit.2Strive on Instagram for more details.

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